Yoko Matcha

Yoko Matcha is a mobile matcha truck that serves matcha drinks and pastries in the city of Miami. Yoko Matcha is a brand that is modern and feminine, with pastel colors that are inspired from the city.


Web Design, Product Styling, Print


Yoko Matcha



Yoko Matcha is the first Matcha truck/cafe in Miami. I worked with the founder to promote the health benefits of Matcha and introduced it as an alternative source of caffeine to the heavily coffee cultured of Miami. She wanted people to know the versatility of Matcha, and how it can be incorporated in drinks and pastries for added health benefits. 

I worked on restructuring the content on the site to educate people on the benefits of Matcha; and created beautiful photographs show case all her delicious pastries and drinks for digital and printed materials.


Product Styling + Photography

Photography is important to bring the brand together. I suggested my client to put high resolution  photographs on their site to show case their location, and products. I secured a spot to take photos, set up a photography session with them and brought design props to coincide their products to the new brand look and feel. The photoshoot was a success and we were able to use the photos for the website and social media.