New York City Food Vendors Guide

The NYC Food Vendors Guide is a useful booklet of rules and regulations provided for food vendors in the city by the New York City Health Department. I redesigned this booklet and created illustrations with my team to make the guide more engaging and easy to read.


Print, Illustrations


NYC Health Department



When I was working as an Art Director in NYC, I was tasked with redesigning the Mobile Food Vendor Guide for New York City's Health Department. The original guide book was drudging; the department was faced with vendors missing important rules and regulations. To solve the problem, we decided to turn the colorless booklet into something fun and engaging.

We section out information; made friendly illustrations; and use only color palette that represent the brand to turn boring long texts into readable fun instructions.

The Challenge

The challenge faced when designing this guide is the short two week deadline given to our agency. I delegated some illustrative work to my team and we were able to complete this project on time.