Hello, I am Jazmine —
an artist by heart practicing art direction and visual design. My current focus includes brand development, user research and visual content creation.

I am currently diving into UX/UI design and learning about how to create better user experiences in the work I do; I believe this is an ever evolving topic as the human experience is inconstant. I enjoy learning about the human mind; asking psychological and philosophical questions. I get inspiration from tuning off and immersing myself in nature. I am the happiest near mountains, river, lake, solo museum trips, and discovering new music and artists. When I am not dreaming about creating a life surrounded by nature and farming, I dabble in interior design and enjoy learning about how light, colors, and texture affect a visual space. 

I enjoy designing prints
& wearable items that are sustainable, thoughtful 
& unique.

Quality over quantity is a lifestyle motto I have adopted and feel strongly about. As a result, most of the items I designed have gone through a thoughtful process of design conception, selecting materials, and processing. I try my best to source materials that are sustainable and recycled.

My interests lie in environmental advocacy, bridging communities, exploring innovative educational programs,
& collaborating with individuals who value the importance of diversity.

My life and career goals include working with people and companies who are advocators of environmental sustainability & biodiversity, pioneer in exploring innovative learning environment for our future generation, and leaders in empowering work place diversity. 

If you feel like collaborating, or want to simply say hello:
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